Pacient Jana – Atopic Eczema

After four years of unsuccessful treatment which provided national health care centre, the patient decided to change the curative method and care. When she came to me in search for help, the condition of atopic eczema was very progressive and was causing a lot of inconvenience to Jana. Her skin was chapped almost all over her body. She had been suffering from the atopic eczema for four years; it was the worst in the area of crutch and on her hands. There are photographs showing her health condition. I diagnosed her and ordained the targeted cure. Jana has been cured for one year and the result of her skin problems is satisfying.

When she came to me for a check-up, she told me that her life had changed. She continues in the treatment.

The patient Jana, from Českých Budějovic

 It was written down by Radek Hrib