Menier’s Illness?

When I was 49 I started to have health problems such as headaches, noise in ears, higher blood pressure, and problems with the level of cholesterol and sugar in blood. I suffered from vertigo, several times a day – it was the worst, because they made me disoriented in space, and when I got blackout, I couldn’t even do a step. Sometimes I had something like diplopia, double vision, and I had only to stand or to lie. Headaches made my normal way of life impossible; I wasn’t able to concentrate on anything, so reading, sport, family, hobbies - all this was out of my possibilities.

I had to undergo two months of various medical investigations; I started to take medication used for Menier’s illness. Unfortunately, it brought no progress, on the contrary. Everything was extremely exhausting. But I didn’t want to submit to a long-lasting illness, which took from me energy and desire for life. I started to look for another possibility how to struggle with my illness. On my friend’s advice, I turned for help to Mr. Hrib. Without meeting him personally, just via a phone call, he diagnosed me and specified technique of therapy. We had personal contact after a month, when my physical (as well as psychical) condition got better. To specify therapy: it was energetic action at distance plus drinking of recommended herbal teas.

After two months of the cooperation most of inconvenience eased off and my condition was radically better. Vertigo and all those troubles mentioned above stepped back or disappeared. I was in incapacity to work for four months. Then I came back to normal way of life. Mainly, I could start to work again, which wasn’t possible before. Following cooperation with Mr. Hrib is not so intensive, but we stay in touch. At least half of medication is not needed anymore and generally I’m without difficulties.

Thanks for help in illness,

  Jan Vácha

  Drahotěšice 20

  373 41 Hluboká nad Vltavou