Diagnostics - Multiple Sclerosis - Hospital in Pilsen

I am 36 years old, I’m an avocational sportsman. I started to suffer from frequent headaches and backaches approximately a year ago.

First of all, I thought that headache is caused by dehydration. I tried to drink more but the headaches were still there and even more frequent ones. One morning I wasn’t able to get up (I felt dizzy, I lost my balance, I couldn’t walk).

Thanks to this health condition I was hospitalized in a neurological ward in Pilsen. Having been tested for various diseases, doctors diagnosed multiple sclerosis.

I have undergone these medical examinations:

1. Brain scan

2. Magnetic resonance of brain (I was told some niduses had been found)

3. collection of cerebrospinal fluid

The result of all examinations – suspicion on first attack of MS. As I remember, five medical doctors examined me, including the chief physician. I was placed into CogniCIS program (it is focused on clients in the early stages of MS). During my medical examinations I was tested on writing letters, counting, recognising pictures etc.

I was scared of all things I was going through, while on MS program. Also I was worried about my future and having seen other MS patients caused me a lot of fear. I began studying MS in professional articles; I looked for treatment possibilities, still in worries.

Then I was released from the hospital to the home care with final MS diagnosis. Symptoms of the illness hadn’t been removed – headaches, misbalance, dizziness, and backaches. Thanks to my relatives I got in touch with Mr Radek Hrib, who is experienced in a field of diagnostics and has significant success. My dad took me to the place, where Mr Hrib works and lives (Veselí nad Lužnicí). After first meeting all MS symptoms I suffered from disappeared including backaches. I couldn’t believe my luck.

This first consultation with Mr Hrib took an hour and half. During next session we continued in prevention treatment. I have never experienced such a healing. I visited Mr Hrib three times, and today I’m without health problems. I would like to point out the financial side of both ways of treatment – the difference is unbelievable (the hospital treatment would cost arms and legs).

After six months when having been examined in hospital I suggested stopping to take MS pills (long ago my problems were gone), and a doctor agreed.Today I’m healthy man, living and working quite normally. I thank very much for everything Mr Hrib’s done for me.

Milan Pohunek

Studánka 120 

Tachov, Pilsen