I am 17 years old and about three years ago I started to collapse. In the morning, I woke up and I felt hot, I could not even lift off the bed. As soon as I tried to get up and walk to the bathroom, I got dizzy; I stopped to see and had to be helped by my brother or dad to be seated without having hurt myself.

A few times it happened that I woke up in the morning and I was well, but mostly when I had to attend a practical training, I felt under the weather. I study at Business, Services and Crafts and Language School with State Language Examinations, a Hotel field. Every week we always have one full day of practical training. It means that we go into the school canteen, where we cook lunch for the students and teachers and other staff. Upon entering the kitchen it was enough to make me feel dizzy and I felt I might faint. The stove I could not use because my condition got even worse, and I ceased to see and perceive what was going on around. It turned out so that I almost all the time of a practical training sat at an open window or in the washroom, where I slipped on the tile floor, saw and heard nothing, I was sick, I threw up many times and then I was better, but often, someone had to come to pick me up, because I could not bear being there there as I was sick.

We thought that I had these problems from heat and low blood pressure, as my pediatrist affirmed. I often went to her to tell me why I felt the way I felt. Once I had a streptococcus, which made my health condition worse and my body was weakened, that I collapsed, but then I was cured, and again I was ill. I went to have a check-up, but there were no bacilli. The second time, I had a very low pressure. So the doctor sent me for examination to the ECG.

When riding a bike, I collapsed, so that I do not remember how I got on the couch. I was sent to the hospital in a child cardiology ward. They examined my heart and found out that it is completely healthy. The doctor told me that girls came there with this problem very often and that it is due to the age and it might improve over some time. I also went to see a doctor who told me to wear holter for a whole day had and here it turned out that I was okay. I thought then that it really is and time will tell that I will be better.

When I got a part-time job during the holidays, I had to get up early again and I felt dizzy again, my stomach felt like I had a "tornado" there, I felt rather hot. I tried to make through my temp summer job the first day. The second day was even worse. My health deteriorated by at least two degrees. I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing. I had to give up my summer job. Unhappy, I called my mom, what should I do and that I had to come back home. The way, I don’t remember, I don’t know how I got home. I only know that my dad was waiting at the railway station ready in the car and took me to bed.

I and my parent didn’t wait and immediately searched for something that would give us a little bit of help to improve my condition. My mom was checking the internet and came across Mr. Hrib and immediately contacted him by telephone and arranged a consultation. So far, I can’t believe how my life has turned upside down thanks to this so-called chance. From our first hour-long consultation, I haven’t been ill once. I still commute to Mr Hrib for a consultation, which usually lasts an hour. It seems to me as if the terrible health conditions that I had were a matter of the past. I am grateful to Mr. Hrib, thanks to him I do everything I could before.

  Olga Kavková

  Sudoměřice u Tábora 107

  Sudoměřice u Tábora