Eighteen Years of Asthma

In September 1977 – after a neglected flu – I got lung’s inflammation, which repeatedly came three times that year. After this problems with respiration arose. I used to take a lot of antibiotics that time. I couldn’t walk outside without an aid tool for respiration. Moist weather, frost and faster walking made me breathless. I suffered from breathlessness during the night sometimes, and many times happened that three asthmatic attacks came in one day. However, a ten minutes - long - walk to my work - I am a teacher in kindergarten – I used to walk for twenty minutes. During the walking I needed to use special spray –tool aid for respiration, and I couldn’t finish my walk without it.

Asthmatic problems were getting from bad to worse, and therefore I absolved x-rays examination of lungs very often. My asthmatic difficulties had remained for eighteen year. In 1995 I visited Mr Hrib to ask him for some advice. He set the diagnosis and said it could be done a lot of positive things to weaken attacks, but same way he said I had to respect his suggestions, otherwise the treatment wouldn’t be successful.

I was told that we used an old Chinese method combined with herbal teas. Mr Hrib said he had to make special little herbal balls, and I could expect his phone call after a week. So it was. When we met secondly, I was given herbal tea and one little herbal ball, which was placed into some area in my ear, sealed up. I promised to keep it for three weeks in that place including sleeping time, and not to remove it. If it fell off, I would have to come again for a new one. He also said he would pray for me. He reminded me to drink herbal tea for three weeks twice a day, and after that to come for a check-up.

After three weeks of such a treatment something unexpected happened– I simply can say no asthmatic attack came and breathlessness disappeared. Within only one month I was cured from health difficulties which had troubled me for long years, and brought so many restrictions to my life.

It has been twelve years since then and from that time until now I haven’t had any asthmatic attack. I’m without health troubles; I do mountaineering, cycling and no breathlessness made me to stop these activities. I sleep well at night. I haven’t used the respiratory aid tool for all twelve years; I don’t even have it now. I don’t need it anymore.

Thanks a lot for treatment,

Zdeňka Tůmová 

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